About Us

Westpark Plaza Apartments In Chico Front Sign

A New Style of Living

Our sign out front says “Giant Apartments,” and we mean just that. The builder, as we remember, wanted nothing more than to beat the pants off the competition, and he did just that. His architectural sensibilities resulted in big walk-in closets, large living rooms with guest closets and generous, airy kitchens with loads of cabinets. We compliment his work by adding lots of flowers out front and in the courtyard. Our tenants like privacy so we have phone-access gates for that purpose. You’ll love our one- and two-bedrooms apartments.

Mar Vista has become a much sought after Westside location. It’s almost a straight shot west on Venice Blvd. to Marina Del Rey, a few minutes west of I-10 to Los Angeles and just 15-20 minutes to Westwood Village and UCLA.

Venice Boulevard Apartments is a member of the prestigious Norman Jacobson Realty Resources Inc. collection of residential communities. We pride ourselves on providing an apartment living experience for the discerning resident with a busy, active lifestyle.

Enjoy Coming Home!